granular network reverb

VST3 / AU / M4L
audio effect
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Particle-reverb is a granular network reverb consisting of 2 granular units and delays. These granular units possess distinct characteristics, contributing to a reverb that is flat yet exhibiting a granular essence. The debris parameter adjusts the amount of grain, the plank parameter controls the grain transition, and the pitch shift changes the pitch with blending the original pitch. It's worth noting that the chorus effect is not a subtle pitch modulation but is created through the detuning of the grains. These parameters allow for the creation of textures that are challenging to achieve with a Shimmer Reverb. This plugin is the result of extensive research into the possibilities of granular processing for reverb.


  • - macOS (Universal): 10.12 and newer
  • - Windows (x64): 10 and newer
  • - M4L: Ableton Live 10.1 and newer

latest version may differ from the videos